Use every single data point in your hospital to drive insights into COVID-19

Why are some patients declining faster than others? Who is at risk for ARDS? And who do we admit to intensive care?

LynxCare helps you to answer these questions making sure all available data is properly processed and coded, ready for analytics.
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Accurately indentify patients at risk by combining +245 patient datapoints.

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Combine research & knowledge with international peers and benchmark different patient populations & treatments.

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Drive superior insights into mortality rate & care pathway efficiency.

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Key challenges hospitals face under COVID-19

Hospitals are currently facing challenges that prohibit swift insights into COVID-19 mortality and treatments:

Need for data

Manual data extraction and reporting on top of an already stretched hospital staff.

Granular patient insights

Hospitals need granular structured databases  to identify relevant trends and  build clinical decision tools based on real patient data.

Data in unstructured format

Understanding and reconciling the two major types of data, structured and unstructured information.

Driving research and sharing insights

Little clinical expertise is known and can be shared with health authorities & healthcare providers.

How it works.

Step 1: We use our AI-trained algorithms to automatically extract data, both retrospectively and prospectively.

Our algorithms are trained to extract the data automatically from source records, according to the latest medical standards.

We categories data in over 245 datapoints based on published Chinese research, WHO guidelines and international clinician feedback.

Our team of MD’s & PhD’s is constantly updating this list with the latest insight and we can update it in collaboration with your team.

Step 2: We make data pseudonymous & centrally available in an OMOP database.

Our data warehouse is set up according to the latest of clinical standards (OMOP/OHDSI).

We collaborate with Microsoft Azure to set up a data infrastructure that is resilient, while maintaining high scalability as well as compliance to data privacy regulation.

Before transfer, data can be anonymized/pseudonymised. 

Step 3: We set up off-the-shelf or custom dashboards on top of the now-available data

On top of the now-available data, we deploy our off-the shelf reports.

Your BI team can also build on top of our dashboarding engine to build custom reports.

Dashboards are always and near-real-time updated with the latest available data.

We can setup automated reporting protocols to report back to epidemiological institutes.​

Data stays under control of the respective hospital. 

Get started connecting insights from your hospital data

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