Driving clinical insights into your Orthopaedics department

Available data is the only thing keeping you from answering these apparently simple questions:

  • What is the survival rate for all acetabular revisions including one hip awaiting revision?
  • What are the risk factors associated with perioperative complications of corrective osteotomy for malunited supracondylar humerus fractures?
  • How do we standardize outpatient assessment by multiple assesors of different disciplines to ensure robust outcome comparisons between centres?
  • What are the treatment options seeked by patients in dealing with hip osteoarthritic pain and what are the success rates?
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Key challenges modern Orthopaedics departments face:

The ever-increasing complexity of care pathways

Assessing independent risk- and outcome predictors in cardiology is difficult because it necessitates adjustment for multiple co-morbidities that are not always readily available on file. As such, evaluating the added value of innovation and optimizing the quality of care pathways is difficult.

Managing a cost-effective research unit

With the data siloed into different locations, managing a research unit with prompt access to a centralized, up-to-date real-world data platform is a costly challenge that requires lots of manual interventions.

Managing the continuous stream of administration & data registration

With mobile health data streams, the extension of EHR data entry, and regulatory requirements - managing the administrative burden is often several FTEs worth of labour for the modern cardiology department.

LynxCare is helping leading Orthopedic surgeons:

"LynxCare allowed us to spot a gap of 19% of our patients whose recovery could be improved. Without this data, we wouldn't have identified this gap."

Prof. Dr. Kristoff Corten
Orthopaedic surgeon at ZOL, Belgium

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Driving clinical insights into your Orthopaedics department

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